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Zika Virus

CDC updates guidance on Zika virusAs the weather begins to warm across the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants pediatricians to know how to recognize, diagnose, and treat Zika virus infection.
FDA approves morcellation containment systemThe FDA approves the first containment system for morcellation. Plus: ASRM provides guidance for Zika virus. And, the impact of HRT timing and its impact on cardiovascular disease.
CDC urges Zika virus precautions in L&D settingThe CDC offers new guidance on Zika virus and the labor and delivery unit. Plus: How are out-of-hospital trends moving? Also, a look at whether or not planned cesareans mean poorer outcomes for children.
'Playing hide and Zika' spurs debate among readers
'Playing hide and Zika' spurs debate among readersHere are some letters from readers in response to whether the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil should be delayed due to the Zika virus outbreak.
Why humans are making epidemics worseNearly every year there seems to be some new epidemic that crops up, creating healthcare crises and worldwide panic. Robert Kalayjian, MD, director of infectious diseases at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, says these epidemics are becoming more common, and he explained the implications for public health during a session at SECO 2016.


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