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Disruptive technologies expand NMSC tx optionsMinimally invasive radiation therapy techniques may be viable alternatives for treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers in a variety of situations.
Ginseng may provide benefits on multiple frontsGinseng, an ancient Asian remedy, has long been believed to have therapeutic value for energy and memory as well as having anti-oxidative, anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. Studies are starting to provide backup for conventional wisdom, and are showing that ginseng can also benefit melasma, atopic dermatitis and hair loss
Are covering residents negligent for missing complications?Liability of physicians depends on whether the trainee physician is an agent of the supervising physician
Can we cut back on lab testing?We utilize numerous medications in dermatology where potentially severe side effects can occur and can be detected by laboratory analysis. However, many commonly prescribed drugs rarely cause problems but have acquired the reputation of potentially toxic agents, which require close laboratory monitoring. Although many would disagree me, these are the medications that dermatologists over test.
Dermatologists discuss mosquito repellent recommendationsWith summer around the corner and increasing concern about the spread of the Zika virus in the United States, dermatologists might notice more patients inquiring about how to safely repel mosquitos and their disease-inducing bites.
Quick Zika factsCDC notes facts on which mosquitoes spread virus, what symptoms to watch for and how the virus may be transmitted.
Evidence-based repellent recommendations for kidsPediatric dermatologist, Bernard Cohen, M.D., shares his recommendations to parents and children for repelling mosquitos.
Immune checkpoint inhibitors advance melanoma treatmentWhile much progress has been made since interleukin-2 was used to treat melanoma, physicians are still weighing the advantages and disadvantages of monotherapy versus combination therapies.
Is a cash-based model right for you?Physicians often express a feeling of loss of control over their businesses even though they bear all the responsibility of a physician-owned practice. Many dermatologists have found a solution in adopting alternative practice models.
How to choose the right social media platform for your practiceSocial media is dynamic and fickle. Dermatologists should pick and choose the sites they participate in with great deliberation and be prepared to shift sites as the individual sites’ popularity or demographics change.
Content drives social mediaWhether you’re writing a 100-character teaser on Twitter, a compelling blog, an attention-grabbing post or a short video script, content is what drives social media interaction, says social media expert Patricia Redsicker.