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Can I lose my medical license for not paying my office rent?
Diet, skin disease data growingA growing number of studies suggest diet influences general skin health and specific skin diseases, from acne and eczema to skin aging. Dermatologists share their best practices for using diet to combat skin disease and promote skin health.
Fad diets and skinWhether to lose weight or for perceived health benefits, many patients are on one of a number of fad diets. Dr. Katta shares her advice to patients and how specific diets might affect skin health.
Diagnostic techniques for desmoplastic melanomaDiagnosing challenging melanocytic lesions typically requires combining immunostains—such as S100 and P16—with the dermatopathologist's subjective judgment, says an expert. Adjunctive genetic tests and morphologic analysis can provide further clues, though neither method is infallible.
International guidelines introduced for actinic keratosisThe European Dermatology Forum and International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) has created international treatment guidelines for actinic keratosis that include optimal treatment strategies and recommendations.
Melanoma subtypes have different evolutionary pathsRecent research supports UV radiation as the major driving force in the initiation and progression of melanoma, and the same investigation demonstrated different paths of evolution for various melanoma subtypes.
Clinical photography best practicesConsiderations relating to EMR, HIPAA, informed consent, and record access can help you form a plan to use clinical photography to document patient progress as well as to protect yourself from legal claims.
Big data presents opportunitiesEMRs provide a rich source of data points on human health, but interconnectivity remains a hurdle to harnessing the power.