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New thoughts, therapies for vitiligoPromising treatments under investigation for vitiligo include afamelanotide, prostaglandin analogues and JAK inhibitors. But don't overlook established treatments such as phototherapy and steroid mini-pulses, an expert says.
How Does Someone Become a Dermatologist
Biologics, acetaminophen and the multimillion-dollar lawsuitAre doctors liable when patients combine acetaminophen with biologic medications used to treat psoriasis?
Are skincare products with probiotics worth the hype?Evidence is mounting for the use of probiotics, prebiotics and microbial lysates in skincare. One expert examines the literature and shares observations.
New target could predict melanomaNew information could eventually help identify a high-risk population before they get cancer — even prevent skin cancer’s onset.
First do no Mohs harmAn expert advises evaluating each patient’s surrounding circumstances when determining whether Mohs surgery is indicated.
New evidence supports combination therapy for metastatic melanomaEvidence-based data about molecular features is evolving to support the use of combination therapy as an option for treating metastatic melanoma.
Vismodegib study confirms safety, efficacy for BCCThe largest-ever vismodegib study in advanced basal cell carcinoma, the STEVIE study, confirms pivotal study findings in a real-world setting, helping dermatologists to provide a complete palette of skin cancer treatments.
One patient’s perspective: Stuck in the middleDiagnosed at age 22 with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, this patient is a widower with three children. She’s on Medicaid. This is her story.
Soaring drug costs leave derms, patients scramblingThe costs of popular drugs—even generics—in dermatology are soaring, leaving patients scrambling for coverage or financial assistance and dermatologists spending precious hours on prior authorizations, drug appeals and reviews. In this first of a five-part series, experts and patients help define the problem.