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Dermatologists take a hike in the name of skin cancer
Dermatologists take a hike in the name of skin cancerDermatologists attending the annual meeting for the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, in Naples, took a break from meeting sessions and presentations to hike a three-mile stretch of the beach wearing sun protective clothes and sunscreen, and talking with beachgoers about skin cancer recognition and prevention.
New compounds may block melanoma tumor growthEarly study results indicate the potential for a new class of inhibitory compounds to enhance the effect of anti-tumor drugs in melanoma treatment. What the future may hold.
Immune checkpoint inhibitors advance melanoma treatmentWhile much progress has been made since interleukin-2 was used to treat melanoma, physicians are still weighing the advantages and disadvantages of monotherapy versus combination therapies.
Disruptive technologies expand NMSC tx optionsMinimally invasive radiation therapy techniques may be viable alternatives for treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers in a variety of situations.


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