Do you routinely follow AAP recommendations by asking patients about firearms and firearm safety?

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What's Your Diagnosis (March 2018)

Do you have a medspa as part of your practice?

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Over the past year, how has your number of fiducial marker procedures for prostate cancer changed?

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Do you use mobile marketing methods?

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What's your diagnosis? (Februry 2018)

Do you feel opioid manufacturers were honest with you regarding the addictive properties of their products?

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April 2018

2018 Tele-Ophthalmology & Artificial Intelligence Conference

Location: Philanthropy, New York City, New York

Date: April 06, 2018

This full-day ophthalmology conference will be broadcast live by Columbia University in New York City, USA as a Cybersight live webinar.


How familiar are you with the AUA “Choosing Wisely” recommendations?

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Do you add PRP to fat grafting procedures?

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