What is micellar water?Many new products for cleansing have entered the cosmetic market, but the most innovative product is micellar water, says Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos in her monthly Dermatology Times column, "Cosmetic Conundrums."
How can oil clean the face?Cleansing oils are making a comeback, says Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos in her monthly Dermatology Times column, "Cosmetic Conundrums."
Conversation starterIncoming JAAD editor wants to spark discussion and views publishing as a way to provide, interpret, show application of new information
FDA moves to regulate medicines produced in bulkThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a draft guidance in March proposing to regulate medicines that are produced in bulk by compounding pharmacies.
Healthcare in the cloudToday, medical practices are considering cloud services for everything from revenue cycle management to patient engagement tools. HIMSS Analytics reports that the number of healthcare provider organizations planning to use the cloud for back office functions has jumped from 22-46% within two years.
Opposition to looming compounding practice changesIn this article, Dr. Murad Alam, M.D., president elect of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, addresses how changes in federal and state regulations that govern compounding medications could impact physicians and patients.
Clinical photography dos and don'ts
Clinical photography dos and don'tsThe need for clear images of cutaneous conditions is more critical in dermatology than perhaps any other specialty. In this article, we feature the photography of Dr. Justin Finch who leads the clinical photography program in dermatology at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, Conn. Dr. Finch shares his photography tips in this “How To” guide.
FDA approves a new, more powerful psoriasis drug“As we move toward finding a cure for psoriasis, what we are looking for are high performance drugs that provide durable response in between treatments and that lend themselves to patient compliance,” says Dr. George Martin.
Modest increase in risk of death with ADResearchers suggest that an assessment of cardiovascular risk factors in the atopic dermatitis patient population is prudent.
Groundbreaking discovery may lead to new treatments for epithelial cancersNow, scientists know how one gene mutation leads to skin cancer — as well as other epithelial cancers such as lung, esophagus, mouth and throat. This groundbreaking discovering may lead to the development of new treatments and clinical trials.


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