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    Reigniting your passion for dermatology through Tao Te Ching

    Clay J. Cockerell, M.D.Clay J. Cockerell M.D.Former American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) President Clay J. Cockerell, M.D., was so concerned about the rising burnout rate in dermatology that he decided to try and do something to help. Dr. Cockerell teamed up with retired dermatologist and professional speaker Steven Shama, M.D., M.P.H., to present “Lessons for Dermatology from the Tao Te Ching,” at the AAD’s Scientific Sessions in July.      

    Tao Te Ching (pronounced dou de jing) is 81 verses and the fundamental text for Taoism, written around 6th century BC by Lao Tzu. The passages are simple truths, still relevant today, and provide readers with a spiritual way of looking at the world and at life. The Tao is basically the way of life.

    “The rate of rise of dermatology burnout is the highest of all the medical specialties. That’s surprising and almost shocking. It’s a wakeup call. Dermatology was always thought of as a fairly stress-free specialty,” says Dr. Cockerell, clinical professor of dermatology and pathology and director emeritus of the division of dermatopathology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. “I’m certainly no guru or spiritual master or anything like that. But I’ve found this to be a very grounding resource for me.”

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    Lisette Hilton
    Lisette Hilton is president of Words Come Alive, based in Boca Raton, Florida.

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