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Noninvasive laser tightens skin

Tours, France — Noninvasive CO2 laser resurfacing treatments have shown effectiveness in skin tightening, according to a study published recently.

Researchers at Francois Rabelais University in Tours examined 17 patients over two years who received laser treatment with the SmartXide Dot CO2 fractional resurfacing device.

Patients were examined before and about 80 days after their initial treatment. To assess skin tightening after treatments, variations in mechanical properties were measured in treated areas. Elasticity was measured using a Cutometer suction apparatus. The quantified analysis demonstrated significant improvement in elastic (R2 +5.9 percent), viscoelastic (R8 −9.4 percent), fatigue (R3 and R9 −16.2 percent and −19.7 percent, respectively), and thickness (R0 −14.9 percent) parameters.

“We found significant improvement in elastic, viscoelastic, fatigue and thickness parameters,” the study authors wrote. “These results are consistent with significant tightening and also elastic-tissue improvement.”

The study was published in the September issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

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