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Botox treats painful vaginal spasms

Manchester, N.H. — A plastic surgeon here is conducting a clinical trial testing the use of botulinum toxin A on severe cases of vaginismus, reports.

Peter T. Pacik, M.D., describes the affliction as a reflex reaction to sexual penetration that causes a woman’s vaginal muscles to spasm. Vaginismus can cause excruciating burning sensations and can constrict muscles to the point that intercourse is all but impossible.

Dr. Pacik, who has authored a book on the subject, says that as many as 6 percent of all women worldwide suffer from the affliction.

To treat the problem, Dr. Pacik injects the muscles at the entrance of the vagina with Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA, Allergan), which interrupts nerve impulses and relaxes the muscles. Dr. Pacik says he has treated 78 patients so far and all but one have virtually been cured after a single session.

The clinical trial is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, reports.

The journal Archives of Dermatology also reported recently that botulinum toxin A injections were used to cure a 26-year-old woman of vulvodynia, a persistent, burning vaginal pain, according to

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