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    Clinical Centers of Excellence: Dermatology

    Quality medical care can be found in every specialty and in every corner of the country, in hospitals and free clinics, in solo practices and in sprawling medical centers. Sometimes, though, a clinical center, through a combination of talent, hard work, resources, funding and leadership, rises above the pack.

    This issue of Dermatology Times highlights what the editors at our sister publication, Medical Economics, consider Clinical Centers of Excellence in Dermatology. The purpose is to recognize those hospitals that bring a little something extra to the specialty, whether through research, patient care or community outreach.

    Medical Economics chose these centers based on information provided by key opinion leaders in dermatology — physicians and readers of Dermatology Times. They asked the centers to report data and related information, which was verified whenever possible.

    Geography was a factor as well. Doctors are more likely to recommend — and patients are more likely to visit — a center that is nearby rather than one across the country.

    The institutions profiled in this issue — the Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan Health System, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and University of California, San Francisco Medical Center — have dermatology programs that are among the finest in the country.

    Though we could not profile them all, we have included a list of other Centers of Excellence identified by Medical Economics' surveys and key opinion leaders. We do not rank the centers relative to each other, but explain what makes each one unique.

    We hope this series will provide physicians with a valuable tool when considering where to refer challenging cases.

    Clinical Centers of Excellence in Dermatology

    • Harvard Medical School

    • Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, Minn.

    • Mount Sinai Medical Center
    New York

    • New York University Medical Center
    New York

    • University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center
    San Francisco

    • University of Michigan Health System
    Ann Arbor, Mich.

    • University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston

    • Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
    Winston-Salem, N.C.

    Advanstar Clinical Centers of Excellence

    Institutions under consideration to be named Clinical Centers of Excellence are asked to self-report data and other information, which is checked against publicly available information. Depending on the specialty, these criteria may include:

    • Quality improvement initiatives under way
    • Community outreach
    • National awards and recognition
    • Number of referrals for the particular specialty area
    • Number of international referrals
    • Number of patients treated/procedures performed per year
    • Number of research protocols engaged in annually
    • Systems in place to prevent errors
    • Outcomes data (e.g., mortality/morbidity rates, unnecessary readmission rates, etc.)
    • Level of technological equipment on site
    • Follow-up care programs (e.g., enforcement of secondary prevention/medication compliance)
    • Patient education efforts
    • Patient satisfaction survey results
    • Infectious disease prevention efforts
    • Evidence of incorporating research and clinical care
    • KOL publishing records

    Additional criteria can be found at http://memag.com/CCE.

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