Practice Management

Galderma prescription program hits milestoneGalderma’s patient access program CareConnect recently passed the 1,000,000 filled prescriptions.
Clinical practice guideline authors fail to disclose all industry paymentsSome authors of AAD clinical practice guidelines received sizable payments from industry that were not completely disclosed, JAMA Dermatology Reports.
Demand for dermatologic care increases in doctor-dense marketsAlthough collectively dermatologists are doing more, each dermatologist may be doing less in the higher quintiles.
Calming Your Mind Over the Holidays
Calming Your Mind Over the HolidaysThe holidays can be stressful, but rest assured, you can get through them with peace and joy instead of tension and oy vey. It just takes some mindfulness.
What Word Best Describes 2017?
What Word Best Describes 2017?Weren’t we all preparing for the holidays in 2016 about a week ago? Time flies when you’re helping patients. To that end, we asked dermatologists to reflect on 2017, and summarize it using just one word (or two) with a brief explanation.
Top 5 legal questionsAs the field of medicine becomes more complex, so do the legal questions that can mean the difference between a lawsuit with a positive result and one with a negative result. Dr. Goldberg looks at 5 potential situations and offers his advice.
Realistic budget is one key to practice successThe purpose of a budget is to help a practice spend less than what it earns. Benchmarking indicates whether a practice is underachieving or overachieving compared to similar businesses. Learn more.
The cost of disengagement in the practiceA practice with disengaged employees risks bleeding cash, says Amy Koon of the medical practice management firm Keystone Medical. In this article, Ms. Koon highlights key steps necessary for creating employee engagement.
6 questions to ask during performance reviewsAnnual employee performance reviews rank near the top of least favorite tasks for most physicians and their staff. Here are 6 questions to ask your employees to get the most out of the review process.
5 great books for holiday ‘you time’The holidays offer some time to unwind and recalibrate before the calendar flips to the new year. If you enjoy reading, here are five recommendations we hope will resonate with you, inspire you, and maybe move you into the New Year with just a little more insight and enthusiasm.