What are GRAS ingredients?Another way cosmetics insure their safety is by adhering to a list of substances known as GRAS ingredients. GRAS stands for “Generally Recognized as Safe” and indicates ingredients that are currently widely used in the marketplace without safety issues.
What tests do manufacturers perform to ensure cosmetic safety?Cosmetic safety is very important since these products are used by millions of people worldwide. Think of all the cosmetic products in your bathroom and how many of them have caused problems through years of repeated use.
How are cleansers tested to ensure they do not damage the skin?Cleansers are routinely tested prior to commercial release for mildness with the Forearm Controlled Application Technique (FCAT).
Male aesthetic procedures are up, despite little research on procedures in men
Male aesthetic procedures are up, despite little research on procedures in menWhile there is an increasing interest among men in cosmetic procedures, there is little research in this area to guide physicians. Experts say that customization is best for tough cases.
How can hand bruising be prevented?Senile purpura on the hands and arms is a common problem seen in elderly patients.
Can inflammation reduction lead to ‘slimmer’ skin?Patients will bring to me on a weekly basis tubes of slimming cream for evaluation. The question from the concerned consumer is always the same. Is it wise use of my money to purchase this product again and what exactly does a slimming cream do? The honest truth is that I am not sure what benefit a slimming cream delivers.
Chemists try to mimic natural moisturizing factorFor years, cosmetic chemists have been looking for the mechanism whereby the skin remains naturally moisturized, and it has recently been identified.
Advise hand cream use following sanitzersAll formulations of hand sanitizers are drying to the hands. Ideally, a hand cream should be used after every hand sanitizer use. The best time to apply a hand cream is at bedtime when the hands are rest.
Pollution, stress take toll on skin agingA new area of research may help in the development of more effective topical products to counteract polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a result of air pollution which impacts skin aging.
For some facial rejuvenation needs, hyaluronic acid may not be the top choiceAlthough hyaluronic acid (HA) has proven to be a versatile dermal filler in a variety of formulations, special circumstances may require other materials, says an expert who spoke at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum.
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