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A 1,854% price hikeThe cost of doxycycline hyclate prescriptions increased 1,854% between 2011 and 2013 in a retrospective analysis of commercial claims data, and there was no association between market concentration and price of the oral antibiotic. Clinician or pharmacy level interventions to choose less costly oral tetracycline-class antibiotics could result in substantial cost savings.
Facial care advice for patients with acne
Facial care advice for patients with acneFacial care advice for patients with acne While both benzoyl peroxide acne preparations and vitamin C products carry benefits in acne treatment, it’s wise to recall the characteristics of each element in advising patients on caring for their skin. Vitamin C is rapidly oxidized with exposure to air. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxidant. This is how Dr. Draelos suggests these products be used.
Combination therapy shows promising phase 2 resultsData suggest photodynamic therapy with the investigational topical methyl aminolevulinate may be an effective treatment for patients with severe facial acne.
App aims to supplement physician visits for acneThe acne app offers a free and immediate analysis of acne type and severity; develops an individualized acne control plan; and monitors users’ progress. It aims to help consumers diagnose, treat, manage and prevent acne.
Solving the ineffective acne consultResearchers report on survey findings that shed light on why patients find acne consultations ineffective.
14 tips for more effective acne consultsResearchers reveal that patients may have concerns with acne consultations. The authors offer tips to improve acne consults.
Acne nuances in patients with skin of colorAcne presents with certain nuances in darker skin patients. Exacerbating factors, treatment approaches and desired treatment outcomes may differ from lighter skin patients.
Topical inhibits sebum to control acneThe investigational sebum-inhibiting topical DRM01 had positive results in a phase 2b study, which paves the way for phase 3 trials planned for 2017.
Novel advances in acne therapyNew and exciting topical and oral therapeutic agents and those still in the pipeline are slated to revolutionize acne therapy, as they appear to more effectively improve the clinical symptoms of acne.
Trend: Combining non-laser light devices, PDTNew research indicates that treatment results for patients with mild-to-moderate acne might be better with combinations of light colors with photodynamic therapy (PDT).