Common terms in skincare marketing: Sensitive skinOne of the most commonly used terms is “sensitive skin.” It is important for the dermatologist to understand the value of such terminology and the associated implications.
Risankizumab outperforms ustekinumab in psoriasis trial
Risankizumab outperforms ustekinumab in psoriasis trialThe IL-23 inhibitor risankizumab was superior to ustekinumab in a phase two trial of adult patients with moderate-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis, researchers report.
Psoriasis duration linked to cardiovascular disease riskNew research offers strong evidence that vascular inflammation and risk of having a major adverse cardiovascular event increases with psoriasis duration.
FDA expands indications for SculpSureThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted an expanded FDA 510(k) clearance in September for Cynosure’s non-invasive body contouring product, SculpSure.
AAD offers MIPS guidanceThe American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) is assisting with the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) by offering a series of tools that guide users based on customized input.
Digital pill caps, financial incentives fail med adherenceNeither smart technology like digital pill caps, nor financial incentives, significantly improved patients’ medication adherence, a study shows.
Kyocera develops image recognition technology for skin disease identificationKyocera Communication Systems, a subsidiary of Kyocera, is teaming with the University of Tsukuba to created artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology that could identify skin cancers and other skin diseases.
Skincare company supports cancer careInnovative Skincare has recently launched several new products to exfoliate, refresh, and rehydrate skin.
Life Lessons: 5 Dermatologists Inspired by Mentors
Life Lessons: 5 Dermatologists Inspired by MentorsAll teachers and mentors instruct; great ones inspire. They find ways to connect, challenge, compel and convince, motivating students to reach goals and make a difference.In their own words, five dermatologists share their appreciation for teachers and mentors who made a lasting impression.
5 TED Talks for Busy Dermatologists
5 TED Talks for Busy DermatologistsYou appreciate big ideas, but have little free time. You could use a jolt of intelligent inspiration, but not if that requires jumping down (well, clicking through) the Internet’s rabbit hole of rubbish. Instead, here are five bite-sized carrots — short TED talks that will resonate with smart, busy dermatologists.