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Multiple smooth nodules and abscesses
Multiple smooth nodules and abscessesA 36-year-old woman with a long history of cigarette smoking went to her dermatologist complaining of multiple smooth nodules and abscesses that had developed on intertriginous areas, including her underarms and the skin folds of her breasts. She noticed that they had appeared prior to her last period, healed with scarring, and then appeared again just before her most recent period. She thought maybe she just needed to lose weight to avoid her skin rubbing against itself and causing irritation.
Extremely pruritic lesions
Extremely pruritic lesionsA 48-year-old woman asked her dermatologist about several red lesions that were extremely pruritic. They were scattered haphazardly on the back of her leg. A few of the lesions were still smooth nodules, but others were now excoriations; she just couldn’t stop scratching them no matter how hard she tried. She estimated they had been there for nearly a month. She had a history of atopic dermatitis, but this didn’t feel like the same thing.
Red papules on face
Red papules on faceA concerned mother brought her 5-year-old daughter, who had been diagnosed with epilepsy as a toddler, to the doctor to ask about red papules that had developed on her face. They were spread across her nose and cheeks. Her mother worried they might develop into something like the shagreen patches that she had on her back.
Smooth plaques change color and size
Smooth plaques change color and sizeA 56-year-old woman with a history of celiac disease visited her doctor after a number of firm, smooth plaques developed over the course of a couple of weeks. They started out as yellow/pink and changed to a red color and became painful and pruritic. She noted that the lesions seemed smaller in the morning and increased in size during the day. She was also experiencing joint pain.
Hyperpigmented patch of skin on neck
Hyperpigmented patch of skin on neckA 52-year-old man with type II diabetes asked his doctor about a hyperpigmented patch of skin on his neck. He had noticed it getting progressively darker over the past few months. The skin also felt a little bit thicker. Now that his dieting and exercise was finally starting to make a dent in the 80 pounds he needed to lose, he wanted to make sure he didn’t have anything else to worry about.
Many areas of purple ecchymosis
Many areas of purple ecchymosisAn 82-year-old woman who loved to volunteer at her local botanical garden noticed that this past summer she had developed many areas of purple ecchymosis. She told her doctor that they seemed to appear mainly on her arms and hands, where the sun was most often blazing down on her, though she was diligent about using sunscreen these days. The only change she could think of from previous summers, when she hadn’t experienced such easy bruising, was that she had started taking daily aspirin at her doctor’s suggestion.


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