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Dermatology Quizzes

Rash on thigh and upper arms
Rash on thigh and upper armsA 42-year-old woman went to urgent care complaining of an erythematous rash on her thigh and upper arms. She also had a sore throat, spiking fever, and arthralgias. When the PA who first examined her stroked her skin firmly, a wheal and flare appeared. However, when the doctor arrived for her exam, the wheal had almost disappeared.
Blanching patches forming a symmetric reticular pattern
Blanching patches forming a symmetric reticular patternA 75-year-old man went to the doctor complaining of many blanching patches that had developed over the last several days as the weather turned cold again. The lesions formed a symmetric reticular pattern across his legs and feet. He had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years earlier, and a prescription of amantadine helped him manage his symptoms.
Mottled blanching patch
Mottled blanching patchA 52-year-old woman who spent much of her spare time gardening went to the doctor after noticing a mottled blanching patch on the sides and front of her neck and superior chest. She had noticed the rash months earlier, but it had slowly gotten worse and she wanted to know if there was a treatment.
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