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Dermatology Quizzes

Multiple skin lesions on his cheeks
Multiple skin lesions on his cheeksA 7-year-old boy went with his mother to the dermatologist for evaluation of multiple skin lesions on his cheeks, nose and upper lip. They had developed over the last six months and hadn’t been bothering him, except that he didn’t like the way they looked. His mother had encouraged the visit because she had similar firm, smooth papules in the same facial area when she was an adolescent and had them treated.
Multiple painful skin lesions
Multiple painful skin lesionsA mother brought her 3-year-old son into the pediatrician with a complaint of multiple skin lesions on his thumb, which he frequently sucked for comfort. The grouped configuration of lesions were painful and had developed over the last 5 days to become vesicles. The doctor noted upon exam that he had a nearly healed cold sore on his lip, pain in his wrist, and an elevated temperature.
Plaque with ulcer on arm
Plaque with ulcer on armA 40-year-old farmer in southern Florida visited the emergency room concerned about a plaque with ulcer on his arm that developed along the lymphatics shortly after a small wound he received on the farm. He was very worried when it looked like another lesion was beginning to form.
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