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Smooth plaques change color and size
Smooth plaques change color and sizeA 56-year-old woman with a history of celiac disease visited her doctor after a number of firm, smooth plaques developed over the course of a couple of weeks. They started out as yellow/pink and changed to a red color and became painful and pruritic. She noted that the lesions seemed smaller in the morning and increased in size during the day. She was also experiencing joint pain.
Hyperpigmented patch of skin on neck
Hyperpigmented patch of skin on neckA 52-year-old man with type II diabetes asked his doctor about a hyperpigmented patch of skin on his neck. He had noticed it getting progressively darker over the past few months. The skin also felt a little bit thicker. Now that his dieting and exercise was finally starting to make a dent in the 80 pounds he needed to lose, he wanted to make sure he didn’t have anything else to worry about.
Many areas of purple ecchymosis
Many areas of purple ecchymosisAn 82-year-old woman who loved to volunteer at her local botanical garden noticed that this past summer she had developed many areas of purple ecchymosis. She told her doctor that they seemed to appear mainly on her arms and hands, where the sun was most often blazing down on her, though she was diligent about using sunscreen these days. The only change she could think of from previous summers, when she hadn’t experienced such easy bruising, was that she had started taking daily aspirin at her doctor’s suggestion.
Erythema covering nose
Erythema covering noseA 16-year-old African American girl went to the doctor with erythema covering her nose, cheeks, and upper back that appeared after a day trip to an amusement park where she got a lot of sun. There were also a few scaly plaques on these sites. Her mother is concerned about her daughter’s obvious weight loss. The daughter also stated that she was constantly fatigued, and has experienced joint pain and recurring headaches over the past few weeks.
Crusted lesion on the left side of face
Crusted lesion on the left side of faceA 63-year-old man presented with facial numbness and crusted lesion on the left side of his face. He first noticed that something was wrong when he had significant ear pain in his left ear two days earlier. He noted that he regularly takes methotrexate for his rheumatoid arthritis.
Smooth plaques on upper back along with cough, wheeze, and swollen glands
Smooth plaques on upper back along with cough, wheeze, and swollen glandsA 38-year-old African American woman visited her doctor complaining of a cough, wheezing, and swollen glands. She also noticed that over the past month she had started to develop smooth plaques on her upper back.
Palpable purpura on hands and feet
Palpable purpura on hands and feet24 hours after playing outside in the cold fall weather with her children, a 43-year-old woman with a history of systemic lupus went to the doctor complaining of palpable purpura on her hands and feet. They were painful and pruritic.
Most puzzling diagnoses of 2016In 2016, Dermatology Times, in partnership with VisualDx, quizzed you on a number of different skin disease diagnoses. From morphea to poikiloderma of civatte to livedo reticularis, we’ve shown cases that have stumped the most experienced dermatologists. Here are the three most-puzzling quizzes of 2016.
Crusted lesion of verrucous scaly plaque
Crusted lesion of verrucous scaly plaqueA 50-year-old Indiana farmer visited his doctor with flu-like symptoms including a fever, chills, productive cough, myalgia, and pleuritic chest pain that developed over a few weeks. What worried him was a crusted lesion on his arm that was a large verrucous scaly plaque.
Bluish-brown hyperpigmented patches on neck
Bluish-brown hyperpigmented patches on neckA 30-year-old woman asked her primary care doctor about bluish-brown hyperpigmented patches that had developed on her neck over the past several weeks. She had recently gotten over a parasitic infection after visiting extended family outside the United States.


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