John Jesitus
John Jesitus is a medical writer based in Westminster, CO.
Ustekinumab shows promise for reducing psoriasis-associated cardiovascular comorbidity
Initial results of an investigator-initiated phase 4 trial suggest that blocking interleukin-12 (IL-12) and IL-23 may reduce cardiovascular inflammation associated with psoriasis, researchers reported at AAD 2018.
Up-and-coming fillers and neuromodulators
Injectable aesthetic products recently FDA-approved or in late stages of development include polycaprolactone, a new hyaluronic acid and multiple neuromodulators.
Strategic planning
Dermatologists must be aware of pending payment reductions and actively oppose Medicare's proposed elimination of global periods for certain procedures.
Transgender care
Increasing dermatologists' cultural competence in this community can eliminate a barrier to care.
Vitamin D overload concerns expressed at AAD
There's been much debate in the literature about the need for and role of vitamin D, which may encourage patients to overdo vitamin dosing, researchers said at AAD 2018 this week.
Vascular compromise
Avoiding and treating vascular compromise with hyaluronic acid (HA) injections requires understanding the subtleties of underlying facial anatomy and keeping a well-stocked arsenal of treatments for impending necrosis.
Natural resolution molluscum contagiosum infection may be best
Evidence does not support use of common treatments for molluscum contagiosum infections. Natural resolution may be best.
Ruler is better than eye for pigment measure
Physicians should measure pigmented lesion diameter with a ruler rather than estimating via landmarks or the naked eye, a study shows.
Demand for dermatologic care increases in doctor-dense markets
Although collectively dermatologists are doing more, each dermatologist may be doing less in the higher quintiles.
Hemangiomas: Heart rate response versus clinical response
A retrospective study shows that early propranolol-induced heart rate reductions fail to predict clinical response of infantile hemangiomas.


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