Ilya Petrou, M.D.
Metastatic basal cell carcinoma may be under-diagnosed
Basal cell carcinoma is a skin tumor that is quickly diagnosed, easily managed and curable if treated quickly. However, according to one specialist, metastatic BCC likely occurs much more frequently than currently reported, and dermatologists should consider metastatic lesions and address them accordingly.
New regenerative cell therapy effective in aesthetic indications
Fibrocell therapy is an innovative autologous cell therapy that is showing promise in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles typically seen in photodamaged and photoaged skin. It also holds promise for treating depressed scar tissue, as it can revolumize the target area.
Androgenetic alopecia risk IDed with genetic test
A novel genetic testing technique allows for patients who experience hair loss of any severity to know whether their condition is likely due to androgenetic alopecia.
Before surgery, thorough screening for cardiovascular risk factors, associated comorbidities crucial
Dermatologic surgery patients who have some form of cardiovascular (CV) disease or components of metabolic syndrome may be at a higher risk for perioperative complications. Therefore, a careful screening of risk factors in all patients prior to their surgical procedures is warranted in order to help avoid unwanted adverse events and ensure the highest standard of care.
Topical anesthetic product proves to ease injection pain
Minimizing pain while performing botulinum toxin injections is of paramount importance to patient and physician alike. Though there are several topical anesthetic techniques from which to choose, Pain Ease (Gebauer Company), a topical anesthetic skin refrigerant, appears to be the best choice, according to an expert.
Popular mnemonic should reflect darkness, not diameter, of skin lesions
Established in 1985, the so-called "ABCD" criteria (assymetry, border, color and diameter) were designed to help laypersons and physicians evaluate suspicious cutaneous lesions and, possibly, make an early diagnosis of potentially curable melanoma. Currently, there is a grassroots move in dermatology to change the "D" criterion from "diameter" to "dark."
Varicose veins, factors for CV must be evaluated before any surgical procedure
Dermatologists must take special care when planning cosmetic procedures for patients with significant varicose veins, especially if those patients also suffer from CV disease.
Expert says physicians offer mixed messages about dangers of sunbeds
According to one expert, the tanning bed industry is heavily lobbied, and it is the job of dermatologist to not only recognize the health concerns associated with tanning beds, but also to give sound healthcare advice to patients regarding UV protection.
Skin signs: Internal disease can be associated with cutaneous symptoms
Bethesda, Md. ? The skin is the window to the body and often, internal disease processes can be associated with cutaneous symptoms. A number of cutaneous signs are linked to internal malignancies and the timely recognition of these signs and their associations with either genodermatoses or paraneoplastic syndromes can significantly impact the prognosis and treatment of patients.
Flagellate pigmentation: Cutaneous manifestation continues to baffle dermatologists
Flagellate pigmentation is an uncommon and curious cutaneous manifestation commonly associated with systemic bleomycin chemotherapy.


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