Jeffrey Frentzen
Energy-Based Technology Development Gains Momentum
The use of lasers, radiofrequency (RF), and light-based technologies in cosmetic procedures has swelled in recent years, as device manufacturers explore the outer limits of safe energy-based approaches and physicians increasingly purchase new, clinically proven devices.
Inside the Business of Body Shaping
Though surgical options remain a gold standard in many aesthetic cases, the energy-based body shaping industry has experienced substantial growth in recent years. The latest generation of less invasive technologies and products has shown considerable improvement over past iterations, with improved patient safety, efficacious outcomes, reduced treatment and recovery time, as well as less pain.
IMCAS Celebrates 20 Years of Educational Excellence and Innovation in Aesthetic Medicine
The 20th anniversary congress, to be held over three levels at the Palais de Congres in the heart of Paris, promises to be the most impressive event yet. By attending symposia, product analysis workshops and visiting the exhibition hall, delegates at the 2018 IMCAS World Congress will also discover the newest products and devices on the market from 250 of the leading companies in our industry.


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