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A new year and new demands
A new year and new demands
In this slideshow, we highlight some industry developments from 2017 and offer a snapshot of what the New Year may hold, such as an increased demand for tele-dermatology, topical scar treatments, silicon-based scar treatments and hair transplantation services.
Latest in dermatology products
The latest roundup of new dermatology products includes safe ultrasound treatment in the home, skincare for aging skin, and topical pain relief.
Can you identify atopic dermatitis phenotypes in children?
In this slideshow, we summarize the phenotypes associated with childhood atopic dermatitis as addressed recently in JAMA Pediatrics.
Melanoma research roundup
In this slideshow, we highlight recently published research findings on newly identified genetic mutations associated with conjunctival melanoma, expanding the definition of melanoma to include population diversities, and dermatomyositis that fails treatment.
Must see TED talks
From thousands of talks curated from TED conferences, here are five TED talks you should see, or watch again, beginning with Atul Gawande, M.D., a practicing surgeon and celebrated author who examines the art of physician-patient communication.
A comparison of plaque psoriasis biologics and biosimilars
Switching from originator to biosimilar shows no significant impact on drug survival in plaque psoriasis, but outcomes differ, researchers report.
Switching from an AIMP to a melanoma diagnosis
Significant residual pigment may indicate elevated melanoma risk in atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferation (AIMP) lesions.
Less invasive surgery preferred for some NMSC
Patient functionality should help determine surgery choice for nonmelanoma skin cancer, researchers reported at ASDS 2017.
Don’t ignore facial dynamics when using fillers
Dermal fillers that include physicochemical properties proved to be effective in reducing acne scarring without compromising natural facial dynamics, researchers reported ASDS 2017.


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