Nicholas Hamm
How Pharmacists Can Fight Antimicrobial Resistance
A pharmacy organization says all health-providers need to help prevent and fight antimicrobial resistance.
FDA Shuts Down Fake Pharmacies
A worldwide operation shuts down hundreds of illegal websites.
The Worst Pharmacy Bosses of All Time
The Worst Pharmacy Bosses of All Time
Sometimes the people on top make your life miserable.
CVS Limits Opioid Use
CVS Limits Opioid Use
The chain’s PBM will limit opioid prescriptions, along with a host of other opioid safety programs.
Specialty Drug Prices Help Increase Insurance Costs
New data show that health benefit costs in 2018 will rise by their highest since 2011.
Walgreens Announces New Opioid Campaign
The pharmacy is launching its #ItEndsWithUs campaign to educate teens.
Walgreens Finalizes Rite Aid Purchase
Walgreens Finalizes Rite Aid Purchase
After the failed merger, Walgreens gets go-ahead to purchase hundreds of Rite Aid stores.
FDA Considers Compounding Pharmacy Regulations
Gottlieb says that changes may be coming, but remains firm on current regulations.
Proper Med Disposal Is Even More Important Than You Think
A huge number of opioids go unused. So where do they go?
Rite Aid Launches Children’s Flu Shot Clinics
Rite Aid’s KidsCents will offer free flu shots to children.


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