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Top factors that predict 30-day COPD readmissions
Recent study findings reveal which patients are more likely to be readmitted for COPD problems, and which readmission reduction strategies might work best.
COPD one of ‘most important’ diagnoses to manage in ACOs
To succeed as a Next Generation ACO, Indiana University Health system is changing its COPD care management approach.
Botox improves chin contour
Botox to the mentalis improves chin aesthetics in patients with an underprojected bony chin and a hyperactive high-riding mentalis muscle.
Changing moles in teens
Changing moles in teens
Mole count in adolescents predictor of melanoma. Sun exposure habits develop in teen years. Prevent melanoma through sun protection. Reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies.
Propranolol equal to steroids in infantile hemangioma treatment
Prednisolone was the first-line therapy for hemangiomas for many years before propranolol was recognized as the treatment of choice in infantile hemangiomas. Both modalities have a 90% response rate.
Patch testing remains underreported
Patch testing remains underreported
Patch testing for allergic contact dermatitis in the pediatric population is performed at a higher rate than previously reported, but still grossly underreported, according to a study of the Pediatric Contact Dermatitis Registry.
Atopic dermatitis phenotypes may indicate outcomes
Children under two years old with signs of atopic dermatitis have an increased risk of developing asthma and food allergies, researchers report in JAMA Pediatrics. And, young children with both early onset atopic dermatitis and a food allergy, have a “very high risk” of developing asthma or allergic rhinitis.
Slug inspires surgical glue
Researchers create a strong, sticky medical adhesive based on mucus from the Dusky Arion slug.
The latest in scar research
A recent study shows surgical scars are more improved with laser and silicone gel treatment vs silicone gel treatment alone.
CoolSculpting vs liposuction
How do you advise patients when it comes to choosing between these popular fat reduction treatments?


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