Bob Kronemyer
Math, marketing & the medical practice
Could this simple mathematical formula be the key to determining your strategic advertising spend?
Debunking the myths of laser treatments for darker skin
Debunking the myths of laser treatments for darker skin
In this slideshow, we feature Dr. Eliot Battle who offers recommendations for laser treatment in non-white patients. Lasers are as diverse as the patients and conditions they are designed to treat, he says.
Current and future botulinum toxins
Current and future botulinum toxins
Dr. Joel Schlessinger breaks down the three FDA-approved neurotoxins and provides a glimpse into products on the horizon.
Blunt needle benefits upper blepharoplasty
Blunt needle benefits upper blepharoplasty
Study compares blunt vs sharp needle for postoperative bruising, hematoma and pain when performing upper blepharoplasty.
A question of age and abdominoplasty
Study authors show patient selection trumps chronological age for low risk, low complication abdominoplasty.
How do you measure surgical skills?
A recent study uses sweat in the OR as an “objective” indicator to assess residents’ surgical competency.
A global consensus on the female buttock
What waist-to-hip ratio is most desirable across most cultures and geographic locations? Researchers report.
Isotretinoin study: Laser treatment safe one month post-treatment
A pilot study has successfully challenged the current non-evidenced medical recommendation that patients with acne scars should wait six to 12 months after completion of oral isotretinoin treatment before the safe initiation of nonablative fractional laser resurfacing.
Novel acne gel found safe in three clinical trials
A nitric oxide-releasing gel to treat acne vulgaris has been found to be extremely safe, according to three Phase 1 pharmacokinetic clinical trials.
Nitric oxide cream in pipeline
A nitric oxide-releasing cream to treat psoriasis and atopic dermatitis is in development.


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