Bob Kronemyer
Four reasons COPD patients don’t receive the right treatments
Many providers are overlooking important steps that can help guide proper COPD treatment and therefore, reduce admissions and readmissions.
Four COPD treatment changes to watch
Pending and recently approved treatment options for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease range from biologics to a triple-drug inhaler.
6 concerns about practice consolidation
Big cash offers not always best for the practice or patient.
Building your practice (literally)
Successfully getting your practice off the ground requires putting the right team together.
More business with bitcoin?
More business with bitcoin?
Requests for cryptocurrency are on the rise. Should you add this payment option to your practice?
Burned out? You’re not alone
A recent survey reports physician burnout at an all-time high. Here’s what you can do to avoid, navigate and survive burnout.
End-of-life care planning advancements: What health execs should know
End-of-life care planning advancements: What health execs should know
More awareness and new state laws regarding end-of-life treatment are affecting treatment approaches. Here’s what you need to know.
Botox injections reimagined
Botox injections reimagined
Future delivery instrument could change the botulinum toxin injection experience for providers and patients.
Female dermatologists sued less often than male counterparts
Although most malpractice cases against dermatologists are abandoned, withdrawn or dismissed, communication with patients may minimize liability.
Seeking better skin tightening
Research shows improved laser skin tightening with compression closure in an animal study.


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