Bob Kronemyer
Female dermatologists sued less often than male counterparts
Although most malpractice cases against dermatologists are abandoned, withdrawn or dismissed, communication with patients may minimize liability.
Seeking better skin tightening
Research shows improved laser skin tightening with compression closure in an animal study.
Link between nutrition and COPD: What health execs should know
Simple strategies can improve the nutritional well-being of COPD patients and help them maintain their weight.
Feminizing the face
Facial feminization has become a catch phrase transgender patient procedures, but it’s an approach one surgeon also uses for treating the female face.
First childhood eczema, then adult-onset atopic dermatitis
Adult AD may be influenced by childhood eczema, though most adults have no memory of childhood eczema.
COPD executive care team cuts readmission rate in half
The COPD executive care team at Sanford Medical Center is leading to impressive results. Find out who is part of the team and how it works.
In search of office space
Location, location, location: When it comes to establishing a new practice, location is everything.
AD drug development driven by symptom and disease control
Drug development for established atopic dermatitis focuses on both managing flares and long-term disease control.
False moisturizer claims may worsen skin conditions
Most moisturizes contain ingredients that are not advertised and could potentially harm some patients, study shows.
Realistic budget is one key to practice success
The purpose of a budget is to help a practice spend less than what it earns. Benchmarking indicates whether a practice is underachieving or overachieving compared to similar businesses. Learn more.


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