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Lisa A. Eramo, MA
Everything doctors need to know about bundled payments
Getting a head start on learning how bundled payments work can help physicians prepare for MACRA
Top 11 ways physicians can fight back against denials
11 strategies for turning rejection into revenue
Wearables and EHRs: 5 essential questions
Wearable fitness devices such as smartwatches, activity trackers and other biometric sensors continue to grow in popularity. Physicians must determine whether and how to incorporate device-generated data into their practice’s electronic health record (EHR).
7 ways physicians can take control of uncompensated time
7 ways physicians can take control of uncompensated time
Physicians should focus on generating revenue, not putting in a longer workday, experts say
Tips for sharing performance pay with practice staff
With value-based reimbursement coming, its time to consider how and when to share the rewards with employees
Practical solutions to combat high-deductible headaches
There are answers to dealing with patient problems while protecting the bottom line.
What Obamacare market exits mean for physician practices
What payers ditching plans means for your practice—and why finding solutions for handling collections has become vital.
How to utilize care coordination to boost practice income
Doctors now can bill Medicare for transitional and chronic care managment, but not everyone will benefit.


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