Bryant Furlow
Patient-reported outcomes poised to improve cancer care
Patient-reported outcomes are playing a growing role in cancer research and are poised to become an important part of regulatory review in drug development—and even routine clinical cancer care.
Patients demand access to investigational therapies
Expanded access or “compassionate use” programs allow patients to use investigational treatments, medical devices, or tests, before they have received FDA approval.
How biomarkers can personalize cancer immunotherapy
ASCO 2016 presenters share how combination therapies and biomarkers can better identify which tumors are likely to succumb to particular immunotherapies
Provider burnout hinders cancer care quality
A look at how burnout affects providers, their patients, and the centers that employ them.
Top challenges in measuring cancer care quality
Determining what to measure, and how best to measure it, can be surprisingly complex—and appropriate metrics can vary between cancer types and patient populations.
Genomes: Technological advances offer challenges, opportunities
Information sharing, coordination are key to realizing the genomic revolution in medicine.
Cost, adherence as vital as TKI choice for CML
Price, comorbidities are as important as TKI choice for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia
Researchers explore promise of gene therapy
Scientists explore innovative delivery systems that might one day treat hemophilia and other blood diseases
Immunotherapies offer promise for Hodgkin lymphoma
Researchers see promising early clinical trials with checkpoint-inhibitor therapies, opening the door for checkpoint-blockade combo therapies.
Expert reviews myeloma combo treatments
Myeloma combination treatments get the once-over by leading cancer expert.


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