Bryant Furlow
Large variety of multiple myeloma treatment options presents challenges
There now exist numerous treatment options for multiple myeloma but how best to sequence them is still under study
Top barriers to fully utilizing precision medicine biomarkers
As development of molecular biomarkers hastens, administrators, clinicians and regulators are working to organize and define biomarkers’ appropriate roles in clinical care—and discussing how to efficiently share the massive amounts of genomic data that will result.
Top problems with EHRs and emerging risks jeopardize care quality
An ASH presenter describes how better health IT and better institutional practices are necessary to leverage EHRs for quality of care.
Promising treatment developments in lymphoma immunotherapies
In this Q&A, a physician and lymphoma expert discusses treatment advances and promising signs for the future.
Hodgkin lymphoma: First hematologic cancer cured with immunotherapy?
Immune checkpoint inhibitors are taking the stage in treating relapsed and refractory Hodgkin lymphoma. Read more.
Novel immunotherapies for leukemia could raise life-threatening syndrome
Novel immunotherapy treatments are showing promise for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), but they can trigger cytokine release syndrome.
Researchers discuss ‘less is more’ cancer treatment approach
Most patients hear the word “carcinoma” or “cancer” and believe they may die if they do not seek treatment. But ASCO researchers say that may be a problematic mentality.
Experts debate best treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer patients
De-escalated maintenance or “drug holidays”: What’s best for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer?
Biosimilars uptake may lag for cancer patients, physicians
Biosimilars will have a significant impact on cancer treatment, with the potential to drive cost savings, but will patients and providers be accepting?
Weighing value in HER2+ breast cancer treatment
Targeted treatments of HER2-positive breast cancers have dramatically prolonged many patients’ lives. But treatment outcomes in clinical trial settings don’t always translate into comparable real-world clinical value.


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