Randy Dotinga
Data weigh neuromodulation’s impact on QoL at 3 years
Evaluation of the InterStim system in patients with urgency incontinence, urgency frequency, or both suggests benefits beyond urinary symptom relief.
Data offer new insight on HIFU’s use in low-risk PCa
Transrectal HIFU shows a statistically significant increase in per-core negative biopsy rates.
Dusting vs. basketing: Which method is better?
Dusting vs. basketing: Which method is better?
Researchers from the Endourology Disease Group for Excellence research consortium compared the techniques in 152 patients at several stone centers.
Data reveal big changes in PCNL use in U.S.
Trends in percutaneous nephrolithotomy may reflect other stone treatment trends, study authors say.
Neck contour: Open vs closed technique
To open the neck or not to? Experts disagree on the answer.
Fat grafting and the facelift
Experts agree: fat grafting has revolutionized the art of SMAS flap procedures, which in turn revolutionized facelifts themselves.
Rethinking breast augmentation
Plastic surgeons challenge "traditional" wisdom and urge others to do the same.
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