Aine Cryts
Aine Cryts is a freelancer based in Boston. She is a frequent contributor to Managed Healthcare Executive on topics such as diabetes, oncology, hospital admissions and readmissions, senior patients, and health policy.
How payers can help hospitals reduce readmissions
Preventing hospital readmissions must be top of mind for payers and providers, says Jill Duncan, RN, executive director at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, where she leads the Joint Replacement Learning Community.
Ten ways to reduce hospital readmissions
Ten ways to reduce hospital readmissions
Successful healthcare systems share their strategies for reducing hospital readmissions.
Three ways hospitals can prepare for CMS’ CCJR model
CMS’ Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement model will hold hospitals financially responsible for the quality and cost of hip and knee replacements.
Lessons learned from MSSP ACOs: What execs should know
Researchers from Leavitt Partners are using a combination of public and proprietary data to report on some early findings about ACOs.
How to prevent malpractice lawsuits due to EHR errors
How to prevent malpractice lawsuits due to EHR errors
The rise of electronic health records that don’t always work well can lead to liability risks if managed incorrectly.
What’s behind the drop in hospital-acquired conditions?
What’s behind the drop in hospital-acquired conditions?
A report from the Department of Health and Human Services indicates positive momentum in efforts to combat hospital-acquired conditions, but experts say more can be done.
Payer merger impact on provider reimbursement
Kaveh Safavi, senior managing director for consulting firm Accenture’s global healthcare business, shares how payer mergers will affect provider payments.
ACOs that include hospitals have critical advantages
Greg Kennedy, research project manager with the ACO Research Team at the Dartmouth Institute for Healthcare Policy and Clinical Practice at Dartmouth College, shares recent ACO research findings.
Innovative diabetes cost-reduction strategies
Innovative diabetes cost-reduction strategies
Here are some of the innovative approaches payers and providers are taking to quell the diabetes epidemic, and curb the costs associated with it.
Value-based reimbursement readiness: 3 critical questions
Here are three questions payers must ask to determine providers’ readiness to engage in risk-based reimbursement.


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