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Four biggest challenges in diabetes health management
We recently asked experts to define the top challenges associated with diabetes health management, and how health plans can overcome them.
Top drivers of diabetes care costs
How much does diabetes cost the healthcare system and what's driving cost increases? Find out.
Remote monitoring of diabetics: Applications and reimbursement
Here’s how remote monitoring works to improve diabetic patient care, and a look at whether payers are paying for it.
Three ways providers should address drug shortages
Preventing drug shortages requires a “swat team” mentality by all, including FDA, manufacturers, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and health systems. Here’s what healthcare providers should do about the issue.
Spike in drug shortages raises alarm
Spike in drug shortages raises alarm
Drug shortages take a toll, especially on emergency department patients.
Three ways to increase compliance among diabetic patients
Studies have found that getting diabetes under control early on has immediate benefits. Here’s how providers and patients can more proactively address the disease.
Four ways the ACA drives higher-value diabetes care
Specific benefits patients with diabetes have experienced due to the ACA, and how those benefits are impacting diabetes costs.
Seven ways Hillary Clinton would change healthcare
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vows to provide more affordable, cost effective, accessible, and higher quality healthcare and insurance coverage. Here’s a closer look at seven key ways Clinton would change the healthcare system if elected president.
How Trump would change healthcare
A look at how Trump's specific plans for healthcare could impact the industry.
How Trump, Cruz, and Kasich would change healthcare
A look at how each GOP candidate’s specific plans for healthcare could impact the industry.


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