Cheryl Bisera
Cheryl Bisera is a marketing consultant, author and speaker with extensive experience in marketing and business promotion. She is founder of Cheryl Bisera Consulting, a California-based image development and marketing company that focuses on the healthcare industry. Cheryl is also the co-author of The Patient-Centered Payoff, published by Greenbranch Publishing.
5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience in 2018
It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all that we see in the world and the responsibilities of life. Yet there are plenty of ways to build your own resilience, improve your perspective and keep a spring in your step.
How to train for phone management
Specific training criteria and phone management policy and procedures to help your dermatology practice blow the competition away.
Staff for phone management
Inbound calls to your dermatology practice are still a crucial access point for patients. Fail here, and your practice may lose a patient before they’ve even walked through your door. Here are two primary goals for inbound phone management.
Patient education
In our last article “Building a Patient Education Program” (May, page 82) we explored how a solid patient education program can keep patients, resources and revenue from falling through the cracks and what your practice needs to build a strong patient education program.
Building a patient education program
Patient education can be a powerful tool that complements your expertise and boosts patient engagement.
Minding your social media manners
Ten tips for developing a social media marketing policy that will help you avoid pitfalls and stay relevant while giving your practice a glowing social presence and reputation.
Use video to market your medical practice
Cheryl Bisera explains the importance of using video in marketing material for your medical practice and also provides tips to make videos effective and powerful.
Why blog?
Blogging is a very well respected and effective form of marketing that resonates with today’s internet-savvy, relationship-based consumers (i.e. patients). Here's why you should be blogging and how to get started.
Is a cash-based model right for you?
Physicians often express a feeling of loss of control over their businesses even though they bear all the responsibility of a physician-owned practice. Many dermatologists have found a solution in adopting alternative practice models.
Find your work-life balance
Recommendations to get you thinking about how you can improve your work/life balance and guard against burnout. How to gain control.


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