Pat F Bass III, MD, MS, MPH
Dr Bass is Chief Medical Information officer and professor of Medicine and of Pediatrics, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center–Shreveport.
Infection control: “When can my child return to school?”
Infection control: “When can my child return to school?”
Two common questions asked of pediatricians by parents are “When can my child return to school?” and “how long will I be staying home with my child?” Understanding when, how long, and under what conditions a pediatric patient with an infection is contagious to others is an important part of disease prevention and treatment.
Deciphering bacterial meningitis
The introduction of conjugated vaccines has decreased the incidence of bacterial meningitis in children, amounting to one of the biggest public health successes in the practicing pediatrician’s career.
5 baby steps to better nutrition
Patients often want to make big changes to improve their health. However, there often is a disconnect between wanting to make a change and the ability to carry the change through and make it a habit.
Living life online: Talking to parents about social media
Social media applications and surfing the Internet are among the most common activities today for children and adolescents. Although there are a number of benefits of social media, there are also a number of risks.
Taking control of T2D
With a chronic illness such as type 2 diabetes (T2D), patients and parents often want to make big changes, but just as often they fall short.
Rethinking asthma: Prevention and management
Rethinking asthma: Prevention and management
Despite significant advances in asthma research and care, the burden of asthma remains high. This article will review a number of different aspects of asthma care that impact the pediatrician.
Hearing loss and the pediatrician
Hearing loss and the pediatrician
With newborn hearing screening mandated in all states, the pediatrician has seen a profound reduction in the age when hearing loss is identified and advances in treatment that now allow treatment at very early ages.
Gaming addiction
Increasingly, reports are emerging that some children and adolescents become preoccupied with Internet gaming. These “gamers” may demonstrate compulsivity and exclude other interests as a result of online gaming that leads to clinically significant impairment or distress.
Family-based therapy for eating disorders
The incidence and prevalence of eating disorders (EDs) among children and adolescents necessitates that pediatricians be able to identify and treat these increasingly common conditions.
Viral-induced wheezing
With nearly a third of all children having a wheezing episode before their third birthday and half by age 6 years, wheezing is one of the most common problems for which preschool children are seen in the pediatrician's office.


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