Louise Gagnon
Systemic conditions that can affect skin
Skin can act as a window to a patient’s general health says a physician writing in the journal Medicine. Changes in the skin can signal underlying disease from lupus to gastrointestinal disease.
Future of ED treatment may lie in cell-based therapies
The future of erectile dysfunction management following prostate cancer surgery will likely include novel options, among them cell-based therapies, North American experts in the field predict.
PTNS efficacy bolstered by adjunctive pharmacotherapy
Study examines real-world effectiveness of percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for treating overactive bladder.
Many SUI studies lack long-term follow-up
Economic analyses of surgeries to treat SUI also do not routinely capture long-term complications, researchers say.
Greater risk of re-operation with TOT vs. TVT
The authors evaluated cumulative incidence of re-operation after various surgical procedures for urinary incontinence within 5 years.
Serious sling complications may be under-reported
A recent systematic review found that the total incidence of serious complications and/or sling failure with respect to incontinence was 15.3%.
What is MRI’s role in early prostate cancer?
“The best way to avoid overtreatment is to avoid overdiagnosis. MRI allows you to do that," says Mark Emberton, MD.
Long-term data point to male SUI system’s efficacy
The Adjustable Transobturator Male System addresses one of the challenges with slings.
Novel artificial sphincter may overcome disadvantages of gold standard
A novel artificial urinary sphincter is safe and effective in men with stress urinary incontinence, according to data from a small study presented at the International Continence Society annual meeting in Montreal.
Is there hope for UF, EF recovery at >12 months post-RP?
Don't count out men who have not recovered urinary and erectile function at 12 months after radical prostatectomy.


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