Melanie D. Palm, M.D., M.B.A.
Melanie D. Palm, M.D., is director of Art of Skin MD in Solana Beach, Calif. Visit her at
The art of cosmetic consultation
Your cosmetic consultant should fit your practice, represent your ideals, understand the industry and procedures, and feel comfortable discussing prices with patients. Four experts offer insight on their consult best practices.
How to get selected for clinical research
Check out industry's perspective on what is valuable in a physician regarding clinical studies. Learn more.
Performing clinical research
There are financial, academic, and altruistic benefits of participating in clinical research. These are some considerations if you'd like to incorporate a research arm into your practice.
Downsizing: making your website mobile-ready
A practice website is an absolute necessity for any thriving dermatology practice, and a well performing, mobile-ready website filters significant internet traffic through your office doors.
SEO: Knowledge is power
In part II of Dermatology Times' social media exploration, we tackle search engine optimization (SEO). Our social media expert, Alexa Mokalis, breaks down how SEO can really matter for your website.
Social media tips from the prof
Melanie Palm, M.D., interviews an expert on some lesser-known facts and emerging trends in social media and search engine optimization.
Why it's a good time to create or revamp your employee handbook
With the approach of a new year, it is an ideal time to review the old handbook or finally create one if it does not yet exist. The employee handbook should be reviewed annually and updated for changes in employment law and growth of the practice. Extra credit goes to practices that review the employee handbook with staff annually and emphasize regularly at staff meetings the best practices put forth in the handbook.
How to train, retain great staff
So you have surrounded yourself with a solid team. How do you continue to coax the best of your employees’ attributes and enrich their growth as staff members? Some fellow dermatologists weigh in.
Attract outstanding staff to your practice
One of the biggest challenges facing a medical practice is procuring and developing exceptional staff members. A low turnover rate is usually a good sign and indicative of a happy, healthy, dynamic workplace. Excellent staff anticipates your needs, improves your clinic efficiency, supports your efforts, and makes the workday enjoyable. So how do you attract great employees, and more importantly, what keeps staff eager and motivated to stay?
How to master office efficiency, flow
One of my employees recently visited another physician office as a patient and remarked “Oh, Dr. Palm, their office was nothing like ours. I realize how lucky our patients are.” She recounted her experience including an extended wait in the reception area, her lack of pre-visit counseling, a mountain of paperwork, and the brusque and cursory manner of the office staff.


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