Patricia Redsicker
5 key metrics to measure physician blog success
Physicians who blog have probably realized that it’s difficult to quantify and measure a blog's success. With so many different metrics available, how do you figure out which ones to focus on? Here are five key metrics that every blogging physician should pay attention to.
4 tips for getting your blog to stand out among the clutter
Are you wondering how to make your dermatology blog stand out? Do you worry that blogging too much might overwhelm your patients, and add to the content clutter “out there”?
6 ways to engage your patients on Facebook
Do you have a Facebook page for your dermatology practice? Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly ramp up engagement and participation from your fans?
9 reasons why dermatologists should blog
Patients are online, looking for information about their symptoms and illnesses or tips for living healthier lives. With so much information out there, why would a dermatologist add to the incredible amount of online noise by starting a new blog? Here are nine specific reasons why dermatologists should blog.
Top 3 social media metrics dermatologists should know
Are you a dermatologist using social media to market your practice? Wondering which metrics you should be paying attention to? The answer is a lot easier than you think.
6 social media marketing success tips for aesthetic practices
Are you a physician practicing aesthetic medicine? Interested in learning how content and social media marketing can help grow your aesthetic practice?
How to promote your practice with Twitter
Are you interested in learning how to promote your dermatology practice on Twitter? Compared to other social networks, Twitter is one of the simplest and most straightforward platforms you could ever use.
5 tips for selling skincare using Facebook
Do you have a Facebook marketing strategy for your dermatology practice? Without a strategy and definitive goals to market your practice, you won’t be able to reach the people that need skincare services.


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