Mary Beth Nierengarten, MA
Mary Beth Nierengarten is a freelance medical writer with over 25 years of experience. Her work appears regularly in a number of print and online publications.
Medical marijuana for children with cancer
Pediatricians have had concerns about the known risks of marijuana use in children. What’s next for kids with cancer?
Health literacy: A challenge in diverse populations
Health illiteracy is widespread across all populations, but it has the extra burden of language and cultural barriers in diverse and underserved populations. Here’s how pediatricians can help.
Pediatric high-grade glioma is not one tumor type but many
Stratifying tumors by their clinical characteristics and underlying biology will enable future targeting of specific therapies for glioma in children.
Two potential drugs to treat Dravet syndrome
Phase III clinical trials of new antiepileptic medications show promise for reducing frequency of convulsive seizures in children.
Noninvasive imaging monitors early human brain development
New research looks at the role of maternal-placental-fetal interaction on cognitive function and disease.
Growth-accommodating implants could repair heart valve defects
A new device for the heart is designed to accommodate a child’s growth, potentially improving the success rate of a valve repair and reducing the need for more operations.
Hormonal and Pharmaceutical Treatment Approaches
An integral part of a treatment plan for managing sexual dysfunction in women is the use of hormonal and pharmaceutical agents, a variety of which are available.
Stepwise Approach to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Women
A stepwise approach ensures that all the potential issues and needs affecting a women’s sexual dysfunction are addressed prior to initiating management strategies.
Updated clinical guidelines for childhood hypertension
New guidance for pediatric hypertension makes it easier for primary care physicians to identify children and adolescents with high blood pressure and manage them in an appropriate manner.
Treatment updates for atopic dermatitis in children
Because the burden of atopic dermatitis in children is significant and can adversely impact a child’s normal socialization development, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment are vital.


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