Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Marketing your pharmacy through social media
Some tips on making community connections
McKesson conference explores the future of independent pharmacies
Community pharms discuss competitive options at McKesson's ideaShare.
Technology advances melanoma diagnosis, treatment
New and advancing forms of technology could improve the detection and treatment of melanoma.
Helping smokers kick the habit: 7 tips for pharmacists
Each option has drawbacks. Bottom line: The ideal choice is the one the patient will actually use.
Pharmacists share insights into pharmacy best practices
Nothing rings truer than the voice of experience. Four pharmacists share what works for them.
T2DM: Fit the coaching to the patient
T2DM: Fit the coaching to the patient
A pharmacist with good communication skills can turn indifferent compliance into successful patient outcomes.
Medication adherence pays off for patients, payers, and community pharmacy
Medication adherence counseling is something pharmacists do best. Evolving paradigms in healthcare delivery will resolve how they will be paid for it.
Provider status, MTM expansion top APhA legislative initiatives
The American Pharmacists Association is advocating for provider status, better patient access to pharmacies, support for MTM, and other initiatives at the congressional level this year.
Breaking developments highlight MauiDerm 2015
Breakthroughs in treatments and medications highlight the annual MauiDerm conference, as well as dozens of sessions and workshops, Q&A with industry leaders, a reception devoted to women in dermatology, and the Alan Shalita Memorial Lecture.
Relationship building key to interprofessional practice
A pharmacist-physician team shows how to change oppositional relationships into partnerships.


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