Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Rosacea patients confused and worried
Researchers analyzed messages in an online forum to understand the most vexing issues facing rosacea patients. They found tremendous confusion around available therapeutics.
More evidence of rosacea, autoimmune link
While a cause-and-effect link is elusive, it’s possible that environmental and lifestyle factors could explain why rosacea patients appear to suffer more from various conditions. But recent genetic research has hinted at inherited links between rosacea and autoimmune disorders. Recent findings provide more evidence.
Vascular lesion treatment options greatly improve
Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular lesions are decreasing the morbidity and cosmetic disfigurement in some affected patients. Dermatologists should note that education and reassurance help parents understand the severity or non-severity of certain lesions and treatment protocols. Learn more
When tattoos cause problems: 4 risks
When tattoos cause problems: 4 risks
Check out four potential medical issues that dermatologists may encounter when working with tattoos. Consider these risks.
Synthetic hydrogel shows promise in wound healing
Researchers report that tests in healthy mice show that use of a unique gel closes wounds faster and with more normal tissue within one week. Learn more.
Strategies for coping with a disruptive physician
Strategies for coping with a disruptive physician
A disruptive physician isn’t necessarily aggressive in an obviously obnoxious way. The disruption may come from behaving in a way that interferes with others’ work, not communicating across specialties or teams, or failing to give or receive effective feedback. Here’s what you can do to avoid a disrespectful and non-professional environment.
Why you should become a global mentor
Why you should become a global mentor
Here’s an opportunity: Go to a foreign country and teach dermatologists about modern surgical techniques. Here’s the catch: It’s on your dime. Learn why derms should become global mentors and it's benefits.
2015 data expands skin cancer insight
Dr. Hensin Tsao, shares his insight on why skin cancer cases are increasing, how new immunotherapy treatments bring hope and why dermatologists should be on the look out for new challenges.
Study negates lifestyle factor link in psoriasis, cardiovascular fitness
While patients with psoriasis have poorer cardiorespiratory fitness, a new study could find no connection between fitness level and psoriasis or frequency of exercise and disease severity. Where is the link?
Bizarre ICD-10 codes for derms
Bizarre ICD-10 codes for derms
The new ICD-10 codes include some real oddities for dermatologists.


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