Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Dermatologists view MIPS with trepidation
Dermatologists view MIPS with trepidation
MIPS will replace the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and CMS will adjust Medicare payments to most physicians either up or down by as much as 9% depending on how well they score in four performance categories. One expert shares insight based on a recent article published in JAMA Forum.
How pharmacists are helping patients kick the habit
CVS decided to abandon tobacco sales in 2014. Plenty of community pharmacists were way ahead on that one.
Scientists gain new insight into UV-exposure genetics
Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare disease that leads to early skin cancer. New insights may lead to better prevention and survival for patients, as well as point to ways that UV-resistant gene functions could be used for skin cancer prevention and treatment.
Meaningful use losing its meaning?
Regulations surrounding electronic health records are evolving. The medical community waits hopefully for a system that focuses more on outcomes and less on the use of technology itself.
Rolling up patient reviews
Technology lets you aggregate patient reviews, but beware the bluff.
3D printing creates 'mock' post-surgery noses
Does 3-D printing have a role in plastic surgery? The answer may be as plain as the nose on your (patient’s) face.
3 Digital legal threats (and how to navigate them)
From patient consents to testimonials and texting, attorneys offer legal advice to cosmetic surgeons on when to be cautious and how to navigate the rules.
Patient and staff treachery
As a cosmetic surgeon, you face unique legal threats from the ones you know most intimately on the job.
Isotretinoin: Time to reconsider blood test best practices
While oral isotretinoin has been associated with various side effects and routine blood tests have been recommended, evidence points to inconsistencies in monitoring practices. Many physicians also are questioning whether the effort has value.
Fat or implants? The derriere debate
Many surgeons admit they prefer to use fat to augment the buttocks. Are implants on the way out?


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