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Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Starting a career in dermatology: 5 questions
Residency isn't forever, and young dermatologists on the verge of starting their careers must make big decisions.
How dermatologic research can get its groove back
Research in dermatology comprises only a small portion of the total amount of money spent yearly on research in fields such as internal medicine, neurology and cancer. The need for interested and talented individuals to tackle the big challenges in dermatology is greater than ever before, and practitioners are looking at ways to make the most of limitations in funding, compensation and opportunities that stand in the way of recruiting more qualified individuals to the research ranks.
Study: Statin users less likely to develop kidney stones
A large new study provides more evidence that cholesterol drugs may lower kidney stone formation.
Prostatectomy may be prime target for bundled payments
As the federal government moves toward more bundled payments, radical prostatectomy may prove to be an early target because of the potential for overall savings.
Reflections on legacies, lessons and inspirations
The New Year is a time during which most of us celebrate the idea of fresh starts. It’s also a time of reflection. In the spirit of this New Year, Dermatology Times asked several top dermatologists to ponder their legacies.
Toxin vs toxin: How do you choose?
Botox, Dysport and Xeomin may share similarities, but several factors can affect the best way to choose which is best for your individual patients.
An authentic picture of the aging face
Think you know your way around the aging face? Think again. New research challenges assumptions about how the face changes over time.
More evidence links psoriasis to depression
More evidence links psoriasis to depression
A recent study provides more evidence that patients with psoriasis–even mild cases–face a higher risk of major depression, a finding that could lead dermatologists to alert patients with the condition and even screen them for mental health issues.
Biosimilars for cancer treatment on the U.S. horizon
Cancer treatments are expected to dominate much of the first wave of biosimilars in the U.S. This Q&A discussion looks at some of the questions pharmacists have about use of biosimilars in cancer treatment.
Adding biosimilars to formularies: The pharmacist's role
Pharmacists on P&T committees are going to face issues that range from biosimilar naming systems to challenges in dispensing and costs.


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