Ilya Petrou, M.D
Homing in on Targeted Gene Therapy for Congenital Melanocytic Nevi
New research data sheds light on potential gene therapy for congenital melanocytic nevi.
Skin cancer prevention
Recent developments in tanning bed restrictions as well as improved sunscreen testing and labeling have raised the stakes in the ongoing battle against melanoma.
Pediatric dermatitis: Efalizumab succeeds where standard treatments fail
Severe cases of atopic dermatitis can prove to be extremely challenging to effectively treat.

Where other therapies fail, efalizumab may be one therapeutic option that can ultimately serve as the "go-to" therapy for those cases where standard therapies fall short of the mark.

Hope for rosacea: Cytokinin treatment offers patients a new therapeutic option
A novel therapeutic approach with Pyratine-XR appears to be a helpful adjunct in the treatment of rosacea. This topical cytokine therapy offers patients another effective option for rosacea and is a much welcomed addition in the dermatologic armamentarium.
Alefacept for the treatment of chronic, severe alopecia areata
A recent trial with alefacept proved to be ineffective in patients with severe alopecia areata, adding to the frustration in finding an effective therapy for this difficult to treat hair loss disease.
Smoke and mirrors: Study shows relationship between cigarette use and acne intensity
Cigarette smokers are more likely to have severe acne when compared to non-smokers, according to the results of a recent study. Furthermore, abstinence from smoking may lead to significant improvements of acne lesions.
Acne therapy: Unique combination gel scores high
A new adapalene-benzoyl peroxide fixed-dose combination gel proves very effective in the therapy of moderate acne and offers a powerful and unique approach in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate acne vulgaris.
The anatomy of a facelift
Failing to preserve the natural look of the tragus and the pretragal depression can betray the best and most innovative cosmetic procedure.
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