Ilya Petrou, M.D
Biologic risk tolerance differs for pregnant patients
Of several biologic agents that women of reproductive age can choose from to treat and manage psoriasis, not all have the same safety profile during pregnancy and lactation periods.
The many faces of melanoma
The many faces of melanoma
Beginning this week, we will publish a series of case studies and quizzes on the subtypes and features of melanoma.
Robotic-guided cosmetic treatments more accurate than man
Achieving evenness of laser beam irradiation is essential in achieving good outcomes and now a new study offers insight on high precision treatments with robotics.
Before removing lesion, investigate LM
A recent study found that cosmetic treatments performed on presumed benign pigmented lesions later found to be lentigo maligna (LM) is not an uncommon occurrence, underscoring the need for individuals performing cosmetic procedures to be more vigilant in thoroughly investigating suspicious lesions.
World-wide skin cancer epidemiology
The incidence of melanoma appears to be on the rise except for that observed in the younger population, underscoring a positive trend and hope for the fight against skin cancer.
The role of neuroinflammation in rosacea
Neuroinflammation has recently been recognized as one of the possible factors leading to the development of rosacea. As such, future therapies targeting this pathway could prove effective in rosacea treatment.
Facial erythema influences perceptions
Facial erythema influences perceptions
A recent study shows people with facial erythema were strongly associated with having poor health and negative personality traits. Participants reported negative impacts of rosacea emotionally, socially, and at work. Doctors should seek to address both the aesthetic as well as the psychological impacts of the disease.
Inflammation crucial to acne lesions, dermatologic syndromes
Inflammation crucial to acne lesions, dermatologic syndromes
New and evolving therapies targeting inflammation could therefore be tried to help quell the symptoms of these diseases and conditions. learn more.
Rheumatology for the dermatologist
Rheumatology for the dermatologist
The signs and symptoms of some dermatologic and rheumatologic diseases sometimes overlap, and a better understanding of their associations and subsequent clinical and laboratory evaluations can help in optimizing the treatment and management of this patient population.
My favorite face fillers
One aesthetic expert describes when and where to use skin rejuvenation modalities, and how to treat the aging face as a whole to significantly improve the final aesthetic outcome.


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