Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D.
Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D., is a consulting professor of dermatology, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, N.C. She is investigator, Dermatology Consulting Services, High Point, N.C., and a Dermatology Times Editorial Advisor and co-medical editor.
Can antiperspirants damage clothing?
An expert goes over steps to minimize damage to clothing from antiperspirant.
Is there anything that can be done for sweaty feet?
There are no products in the mass market specifically for sweaty feet, but there are steps patients can take to limit the daily impact of sweaty feet.
What type of antiperspirant is best for hyperhidrosis?
Antiperspirants remain the first line of treatment for hyperhidrosis, but some types of products are better than others for hyperhidrosis.
Why does man live longer than a chimpanzee?
Human and chimpanzee genomes are 99% identical. So why do humans, on average, live more than 40 years longer?
Facial care advice for patients with acne
Facial care advice for patients with acne
Facial care advice for patients with acne While both benzoyl peroxide acne preparations and vitamin C products carry benefits in acne treatment, it’s wise to recall the characteristics of each element in advising patients on caring for their skin. Vitamin C is rapidly oxidized with exposure to air. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxidant. This is how Dr. Draelos suggests these products be used.
Why do people with long hair lose more hair?
It appears that patients with long hair are more often concerned about hair loss.
What are the dietary recommendations for hair growth
Many dietary supplements have entered the market to support increased hair growth
New trends in false eyelashes
Just when you thought the false eyelashes of the 1960s were only a thing of the past, they are back! Here are some common side effects to note as you advise your patients.
Hair extension pros and cons
While hair extensions offer many benefits, there is one potential problem to monitor in patients.
The benefits of dry shampoos
Dry shampoos carry several benefits for certain patients, but it's not a replacement for liquid shampoo. Here is the advantage.


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