Louise Gagnon
Acne pathogenesis
The pathogenesis of acne is not entirely understood, but new insights may yield new therapeutic targets in the near future. As research into the pathogenesis of acne continues, the spectrum of available therapies will continue to expand.
Targeted therapy and adoptive T-cell therapy offer alternatives to immunotherapy
Other strategies such as adoptive T-cell therapy are initiated when immune therapies fail to stop disease progression in advanced melanoma.
Narrowing networks create harrowing choices
Insurance companies are paring down plans for patients, impacting patient ability to choose physicians. Dermatologists are being terminated from some plans based on practice profiling software that has insufficient risk analysis.
Team-based approach incorporates non-physician clinicians
While non-physician clinicians cannot replace dermatologists, the role they play in dermatology practices is growing. However, there are key factors to consider, one expert says, including team structure, supervision and training.
Practice management tips for aesthetic offices
Social media, an up-to-date web site, and a regular email newsletter highlighting what is new in your practice are ways to market yourself and your practice. Experts at the 2015 AAD also advise developing relationships with plastic surgery peers and carrying products for purchase at the office.
Key to preventing medical errors includes keeping an open mind
Dermatologists should refrain from developing an initial clinical impression and consider alternative diagnoses when seeing patients, an expert tells colleagues at the 73rd annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.
New medical therapies result in symptoms of various skin conditions
Dermatologists should learn to recognize some rare and common skin conditions that may result from emerging medical therapies.
Dermatologists should recognize BDD
While BDD is present in 2.4% of the general population, it can range from 9 - 14% in dermatology clinics. There are red flags that dermatologists can watch for, and depending on the severity, dermatologists may consider referring patients to mental health professionals.
Compression vital in management of venous leg ulcers
Dermatologists should know the etiology of patient ulcers to most effectively manage them, according to an expert at AAD. He offered keys for treating wounds.
Rosacea: Newer topical therapies are effective and well-tolerated
Rosacea: Newer topical therapies are effective and well-tolerated
Emerging therapies for rosacea have a favorable side effect profile and address specific symptoms of the condition; brimonidine, for example, addresses background erythema while ivermectin addresses the papules and pustules.


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