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Risankizumab outperforms ustekinumab in psoriasis trial
Risankizumab outperforms ustekinumab in psoriasis trial
The IL-23 inhibitor risankizumab was superior to ustekinumab in a phase two trial of adult patients with moderate-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis, researchers report.
Manuka honey tested as AD treatment
A pilot study shows that Manuka honey may have some healing properties in atopic dermatitis.
An AD treatment phobia that is a “phenomenon”
Atopic dermatitis patients have a phobia of topical corticosteroids that is so strong, it’s been described as a “phenomenon.”
Early diagnosis, early treatment best in psoriatic arthritis
Delayed diagnosis of PsA can lead to poor outcomes. Access to care elusive to some patients due to doctor shortage. Models of care that triage patients may shorten diagnostic delays.
Earlier diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis will prevent disease progression
Earlier diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis will prevent disease progression
Psoriatic arthritis can often go undiagnosed in patients with psoriasis, and an earlier diagnosis is critical to prevent the adverse effects of psoriatic arthritis, according to an expert.
New treatments on the horizon
Emerging therapies are showing impressive efficacy and good tolerability, according to one dermatologist.
Alternative to skin grafting
There is a growing burden in wound management. Stem cells will be instrumental in the development of skin substitutes. Novel hydrogel promotes skin regeneration in in vivo experiments.
Protocol for injecting fillers gives more predictable results
Partitioning the face into different units and injecting filler in specific locations is a method to attaining a rejuvenated face that looks relaxed and natural.
Burn depth difficult to determine with the naked eye
Visual assessment of a burn injury is insufficient to judge the depth of a burn; hypertrophic scars left by burn injuries are increasingly being treated with lasers with impressive results.
Acne responds to energy-based therapies
Energy-based treatments can be used on their own or in conjunction with medical treatments to address chronic dermatological conditions like melasma, acne, and vitiligo.


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