David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D.
Dr. Goldberg is Director of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, Director of Mohs Surgery and laser research, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham Law School.
I have been defamed and my career is ruined. Can I sue?'
An opinion is not enough to lead to a successful defamation lawsuit.
With blind, deaf patients, how do I comply with HIPAA?
Dr. Ron has finally learned to deal with all the new privacy requirements of HIPAA. He provides reasonable confidentiality to his patients and his privacy statement to patients is in full compliance with the law. His computers and vendors are all HIPAA compliant. His attorney assures him that his office is now HIPAA compliant.
I was not guilty of sexual assault; Why must the complaint be made public?
Dr. Jane is a pillar of the dermatologic medical community. She has practiced in her small rural town for 10 years, is loved by her patients, and respected by her peers. She is active in community services, considers herself a religious person and has never been the recipient of any legal complaint.
Being charitable is considered fraudulent?
Dr. Bob has a large, mostly medical, dermatology practice. The practice is divided almost equally into patients whose health care insurance is provided by managed care organizations and those whose insurance is provided by federally insured policies with either Medicare or Medicaid.
Informed consent cornerstone of research
Dr. Smarts wants to start performing clinical research studies in his office. He assumes that such research will bring him the press notoriety that will boost his lagging dermatology practice. Dr. Smarts begins to evaluate a new substance for the treatment of psoriasis not approved by the FDA. He verbally tells his patients they are research "guinea pigs"; he lets them know he is able to obtain the as-of-now unobtainable material from a local compounding pharmacy.
I referred her to a chat group - now I am being sued
Dr. B, with an active dermatology practice, sought to increase revenues in his office. After considering a variety of practice enhancement options, he hired a Web master who designed his new highly interactive Web site.
Should a chaperone be present duringan examination?
Dr. Jane has been a practicing dermatologist for 20 years. She is known for her thorough skin examinations and is proud of the lives she has saved by detecting early malignant melanoma.
My Physician Extenders Are a Great Asset-What Is My Crime?
Dr. M has practiced dermatology for 25 years. During that time he has hired and fired secretaries, nurses, and licensed medical assistants.
Tech-savvy Physicians Risk Violating Copyright Law
Dr. J considers himself a technologically savvy dermatologist. He has always had the latest computer and is always seen with a personal digital assistant (PDA).
But My Former Physician Employee and I Had a Deal
Dr. G has a very busy dermatology practice in a large city. When he sought to hire a young physician to join his practice, he wanted to be certain that this physician would never compete with him. The young physician, coming right out of his residency-training program, had no problem with the concept.


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