David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D.
Dr. Goldberg is Director of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, Director of Mohs Surgery and laser research, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham Law School.
Did I commit battery?
Dr. Joe recently acquired a new laser. Because he has always tried to treat patients in a most conscientious manner, he had a clause placed in his laser purchase contract that provided that Dr. Doe, a laser expert, would come to Dr. Joe' s office to help him with his first day of treatments.
Patient's estate sues after ignoring M.D.'s advice
Dr. Dave saw a patient with a biopsy-proven atypical nevus that required further excision.
Physician's 'learned intermediary' status doesn't afford malpractice protection
Dr. Doe was responsible for choosing the laser treatment parameters for his patient under the learned intermediary doctrine. It is unlikely that a court will place liability on the rental laser company.
I charged for records and was sued'
The crux of the lawsuit is that the dermatologists are being sued for excessive fees for copies of their medical records. They are shocked. What can they do?
Credentialing: Can hospital be liable for docs?
Dr. Jonas, a dermatologist in a highly litigious state, has recognized the importance of procedural credentialing.
'I am importing cheaper medications from Canada. How can I be in trouble?'
There is still a natural desire to get the same medications from a cheaper source. Dr. Sue turned to Canada. Other physicians have turned to Europe and South America. But whatever the source, Dr. Sue's actions are illegal.
HIPAA: Can I go around my senile patient?
Dr. Jane is one of the most caring dermatologists in her community. She has practiced dermatology for more than two decades and has seen many of her patients become quite elderly. She is saddened by the senility of some and is worried about their ability to consent to her various office-provided procedures. One of her patients with Alzheimer's disease has a brother who is the next of kin and holds a medical power of attorney that becomes effective when the described patient is no longer able to make decisions for himself. Dr. Jane has a copy of that power of attorney. She is often perplexed because, at almost all times, the patient is not lucid. However, in rare moments, he does understand what Dr. Jane is doing.
Ethics demands declining Superbowl tickets
Dr. Dave and his friend Steve have known each other since ninth grade. They attended each other's weddings and have been together for many of life's good and bad moments. Steve also represents a publicly traded company that makes pharmaceutical products used by dermatologists.
'I don't deserve to have my medical license revoked'
Dr. Joe is a dermatologist who is board certified in both dermatology and immunodermatology. He often uses U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA)- cleared drugs for off-label uses, something he understands from both his medical and legal colleagues is perfectly legal.


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