Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Do some cosmetic surgeries actually spur aging?
The degree of skin aging from cosmetic surgery is proportional to the degree of invasiveness of the procedure, according to Frank Michael Prager, M.D., a private general practitioner in London.
University-based research facility brings together six cosmetic specialties
University of Miami Miller school of Medicine, Miami, Fla., is taking cosmetic medicine research to a new level by launching a formal multidisciplinary institute, led by a dermatologist and staffed with plastic, facial plastic and oculoplastic surgeons, as well as a nutritionist.
South and Central American Colleagues wield global cosmetic surgery influence
There's no question that many South American countries have played an influential role in the development and evolution of body contouring techniques.
Experts weigh in on how to avoid pitfalls with malar enhancement
Achieving optimal outcomes in malar implant procedures requires expertise in facial anatomy, proper patient and implant selection, and an understanding of both surgical and nonsurgical malar enhancing options.
Patient selection, surgeon experience key to success with circumferential procedure
Circumferential liposuction of the ankles and calves tends to be more technically difficult than liposuction of flatter, more fatty surfaces, such as the abdomen. Three practitioners share their approaches to this lower-limb procedure
Software tools can educate, predict, and entertain, but beware patient expectations
As technology evolves that gives patients a view of what they might expect if undergoing cosmetic surgery, so does the challenge of managing patient expectations. Bottom line: the software systems can educate, predict, and entertain – but should not be used as a basis for setting expectations.
Home-based devices may ultimately impact cosmetic surgeons' business
Will the easy-to-use, affordable hand-held technologies rival in-office LED and other services or will they fuel consumers' desires for more dramatic results and actually drive patients to cosmetic surgeons' offices?
'Smart' clothes claim to turn harmful UV light into therapeutic light for sun-damaged skin
Makers of a clothing line introduced earlier this year to the U.S. market claim the material used converts harmful UV rays to therapeutic light, rejuvenating the sun-damaged skin of those who wear it.
Creative 'change': In a stormy economy, novel patient financing options for cosmetic procedures can be a silver lining
ln tough economic times, patients are especially likely to seek alternatives to traditional payment methods for cosmetic surgery. And finance companies are responding with creative programs that allow patients to get their Botox or tummy tucks without having to take out traditional loans or maxing out their credit cards.
Implant candidate? Exploring Web-based self-evaluation tools for breast augmentation
Web-based decision support tools for prospective breast augmentation patients can offer helpful information, even enhancing the doctor-patient consultation. However, surgeons should warn their patients that some of these sites focus more on making money than on credibility.


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